The month of December

This month we will be working on:

Math: Numbers 1-14, identifying and writing the numbers. The students will count to 20.

Social studies: We are beginning a new unit on construction and building. The students will learn about construction and the tools that builders use.

Language Arts: The students will learn about letters O and P.  Words that begin with the letters O and P. and the sounds that each letter makes.


Week of October 23

This week we are learning:

The letter Jj, the sound it makes, and words that begin with JJ.

Reviewing letters A-I

We are continuing to practice rhyming words.

In Math we are counting to 15. Introducing the number 9. Reviewing numbers 1-8.

In science we are talking about the 4 seasons and what happens during each season.


What we are learning

The student’s have learned a lot of new things so far this year.

Letters A-G, the sound it makes and words that begin with the letter

Math shapes,positional words, and numbers 1,2,3,7

Social Studies Community helpers and their jobs

Science 5 senses and colors

Pre-K Updates

It is hard to believe that we are starting week 3 of school.  The children are adjusting to Pre-K nicely. They are learning the rules, making new friends, and learning to identify the first letter of their name and write it.

This week in school we are continuing to identify the first letter of our name.  Learning about the letter Aa and Bb.  The sound the letters make and words that begin with the letter.

In Math: We are reviewing the shapes triangle, square, circle and counting to 5. We are learning about the rectangle and the positional words inside and outside.

In Social Studies we are talking about a community.