Week of Sept 29

This week we are beginning the PALS Assessment

Reading: We are learning about the letter P, the sound it makes and words that begin with P. We are also continuing to write our first name and practice words that rhyme.

Math: We are counting 1-10, and learning about the number 4. The students will write and recognize the number 4. We are also ordinal positions.


Week of Sept 19

This week we are going on our first trip to the State Fair.

Math: We are learning about the number 2. We will identify the number two and write the number. We will count to 10.

Language Arts: We are  learning about the letter S, the sound that it makes, words that begin with the letter S and writing the letter S.

We are continuing to review nursery rhymes and will begin rhyming.

Social Studies: We are talking about communities, neighbor hoods, and families.


Third Week of School

This week we continued to work on recognizing the first letter of our names. The students begin to trace their first name using paper, pencil, and a dry erase marker.


This week we continued to talk about shapes: triangle , square, circle, and rectangle. The students pointed out the shapes in the classroom,

We talked about animals and how they move.


Second week

This week we are learning about feelings. Everyday the students share how they are feeling.  We are also learning about circles and squares.  The students are also learning about what letter their name begins with. The students decorated the first letter of their name with stickers.

On Friday the All About Me poster is due.