Everyday a behavior chart will come home in your child’s folder. On this chart it will indicate your child’s day.

Smiley face purple: Awesome day

Smiley face- green -good day

Face with a straight line- yellow- rules were broken

Face with a frown-red-

At the end of the week if your child has at least four greens or purple the student will get a prize from the treasure  chest.

Student’s  can earn stickers and stamps for making good choices.

Behavior Contract
Our Student Pledge: (We will recite it each morning with our announcements) I am in school to get an education. I will listen, follow directions, and do my work. I will be honest and do what is right. I will treat others the way I want to be treated. I will think about the feelings of others. I came to school to learn, and I will learn. By doing all of these things, I will be proud of myself, and others will be proud of me .